One of the most important factors in a mortgage is your credit score – it can be the difference between being able to secure a mortgage and not

There are several credit agencies available, all of which will do a good job in showing you roughly where you are in terms of your credit score but the main reason for using multi-agency credit report data is that it ensures a complete credit picture is captured and nothing is missed.

Quite often lenders will record credit with a handful of agencies so by checking a single-agency report, there could be information missing, this, in turn, could have an adverse effect when applying for a mortgage if something appears which you weren’t aware of.

The majority of UK mortgage lenders check Experian, Equifax and TransUnion (formerly known as Call Credit) – having data from all of these before submitting a credit application helps us to get the right mortgage for you

Check My File offer a free 30-day trial and claim to be the UK’s most detailed credit report. With data from 4 credit reference agencies they show you the full picture not just a snapshot.